Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finished Object Update

Remember this sweater?

I knit it last summer for my friend Satomi's baby-to-be. The pattern is Daisy from Knitty and I knit it out of Plymouth Oh My (which is very lovely soft!). Before Christmas Satomi sent me a picture of her daughter Emi wearing this sweater... and I am just sorry it has taken me this long to post the picture! Emi is the cutest little girl!

I had knit the 6 months size and I amglad I did... because Emi was only about 3 months old in this pic! It was a very quick knit and easy to put together.


Teri said...

I think you do like aqua - the sweater is the same colour as the colour samples in the posting below!

It is so very cute! So is Emi!

Batty said...

That is so cute! I wish I'd picked this one instead of the Samantha sweater. It's so pretty, and it doesn't look like there's much hemming involved. Aqua is such a pretty color for a baby. And Emi is adorable!

Satomi said...

Again, thank you for the sweater.
She still wears it. I like it because it is so soft, and it keeps her warm.
Also, it is cute on her!! ;)