Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh, I'm at it again

Okay, who has been paying attention? Look at the bar on the right... what's new?

It's Image and video hosting by TinyPic time again!

Okay, not quite yet - but soon :) You can find out more details on Lolly's blog. I had so much fun with this last year, even if I didn't manage to come up with one project per month in the allotted colour scheme. Just being involved in the project made me more aware of these colours around me. It was a little thing, really - but it made me happy. The colours for February/March are blue/white/grey... hmmm... I have blue sock yarn, silver-grey yarn for a kid's hat... not much in the way of white, however. I do have a 4 year old, you know!

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? I have tried coming up with some constructive ones - I mean, we all would like to lose weight and be healthier, but I prefer not to sabotage myself by putting those ones into concrete demands. So, here are my three New Year's resolutions:

1. Knit one significant project each month. And no, hats don't count.

2. Keep a more even temper where Willow is concerned. This will be the toughest of the lot. Who knew that at four she would already be arguing with everything I say?

3. Keep my kitchen table clean. I am the worst person for this - I come home, and everything comes out of my hands an onto the kitchen table. I come by this naturally. Ironically, now that I am keeping the kitchen table clean, Willow's play table is all cluttered...

Maybe I need to re-think this...


Teri said...

Are you transfering your stuff to Willow's play table?? Bad Joey!!!

tara said...

I can relate to #2. Good luck with all of them.

Jo said...

Hey! I didn't say it was my junk on her table! It is hers - she's not allowed to clutter the kitchen table, either!

mom said...

you come by this trait honestly - both your dad and I are bad for this.
Love & Hugs