Sunday, January 28, 2007

Project Spectrum Jumpstart!

Okay, I know Project Spectrum technically doesn't start until later this week, but I couldn't help myself - I went ahead and finished my blue ankle socks:

* 2 skeins Juvel Superwash in the Blues colourway (DK weight)
* Size 3 dpns
* Women's size medium
* Pattern from Ann Budd's multiguage pattern book. To make the ankle socks I just did 10 rows of 1X1 ribbing and then 12 of stockinette before starting the heel flap

I've decided I need to purchase one of those socks forms... I looked in my LYS yesterday and they didn't have one. The trip wasn't a loss - I did make some purchases for my downstream SP; however, I can't post the pics because she has been known to read my blog occasionally... One thing I did buy for myself is two skeins of the new Plymouth Encore fairisle-like yarn in a red/pink/yellow mix to make a baby sweater for my friend Teri, who will be having a little girl in June. The effect is pretty nice so far - I'm knitting Daisy from Knitty but I think I am going to alter the pattern a bit so the raglan is knit together rather than sewn together at the end.

Oh - and I've managed to keep one New Year's resolution - a significant project finished each month!


LadyLungDoc said...

Wow, those blues almost glow!!
Very pretty.

Zonda said...

Beautiful Blues!! Nice job! :)

Jae said...

I love the colors! So bright and cheery.

Batty said...

I love those blues! They are bright, they are bright, they are beautiful!