Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blog Contest Prize, New Carpet, and a question...

My blog contest prize from Suzanne arrived on Friday:

Worsted weight Mountain Colors in 'Ruby Red' - back off Dad - it's mine! I think an extra-warm pair of socks might find their way out of this pie of yarn.

Also in the mail on Friday... our new living room carpet!

Don't judge it on her expression - she thinks it is a wrestling mat now! It's an area carpet because we wanted to leave some of the glorious floor visible - but realized we needed a carpeted area for Willow to play. The carpet is from Home Depot in 'Multi Mallory' - it is sort of a muted aqua/sage/moss squares and rectangle pattern with bamboo leaves on top. One afternoon when the sun is coming in the window I will have to take a better picture.

And onto the question... some of you are heavy duty gardeners - I know by seeing some if the projects going on on your respective blogs right now. We have a *big* drainage problem right now, made worse by the current nor'easter laying a deluge on us right now. I'll take a picture later to demonstrate - but does anyone have any ideas on how to better drain your yard? Andrew has just run out to Home Depot to try and get a pump so we can pump it to the street drain - but we literally look like we have a lake in our backyard at the moment. And no, this was nowhere in the disclosure when we bought the house...


Bobbi said...

wow that sucks. I'm no help but I can offer lots of sympathy.

Bezzie said...

Be careful, I know that pumping water into street drains is illegal in some places. (You know those lame ordinances that no one pays attention to...)
Sadly that's all the help I can provide. I've noticed our front yard is like that too. Too much clay or something and this Noreaster isn't helping!

Zonda said...

Nice carpet! That stinks about the yard though. Hope it doesn't get too bad!

SuzannaBanana said...

My soil is clay as well, and we probably would have a drainage problem if we weren't at the top of a hill.

Maybe you could grade the site to slope to one side so that you don't have a ponding basin in the middle of your yard, then put a trench filled with gravel or river rock along the edge of your property so that the water can drain naturally to the street. In the drier months, it'll look like a dry riverbed. Could be kind of pretty.

I do know that you have to be really careful with where the water goes, because it can cause problems with neighbors if it starts sluicing into their yards.

I love that rug!