Monday, April 16, 2007

Our New Lakefront Property

Isn't it beautiful?

That picture was taken about 9am Sunday morning, and trust me, it looked a lot worse 7am this morning... when there was a layer of ice and bloody snow (*#@#!*) on top of the lake. The rain had subsided by this afternoon and the water had receded and much more of our grass was showing by the time I got home. Scratch the new bathroom... project number one has become re-grading the backyard and having an external french drain installed. Oh - in the picture above Andrew was attempting to have a pump draw out some of the water to the street drain, but we had too much length of hose for the pump to be effective and so it overheated.

I went to a baby shower in the midst of the nor'easter yesterday, and this was my present to my friend Teri:

The baby sweater is Daisy from Knitty and the only change I made was to knit the sweater in one piece (I mean, joining the sleeves to the body at the armpit and knitting the raglan decreases all in one piece rather than sewing the sleeves on afterward). The hat is just a generic in my head pattern, and the booties are from the most recent issue of Knit Simple magazine. I know the booties look different sizes - buts trust me, they aren't!

And here is the lovely mom-to-be opening up her present at her surprise baby shower:


cpurl17 said...

Hopefully you wont see an Ark going by anytime soon!

Adorable baby gifts!!

Zonda said...

Cute baby knits!! Um..they didn't charge you for the lakefront property in taxes did they?? Bummer!

Bezzie said...

Mmmm...nice front yard!!!

Love that cute little sweater!!! I always overlooked Daisy, I might have to give it a second look.

Bobbi said...

oh my! wow that's awful!

the baby knits are cute, great colors!