Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Okay, my father is beginning to wonder if I am still around since I haven't been updating the blog as often as I used to. There are a few problems...

1) The computer is in the basement, so it makes it a little difficult to watch Willow and play on the 'puter,
2) Andrew is deep in the throes of his Advanced Organic Chemistry class and has a better claim to the available computer time than I have, and lastly
3) It is DAMN cold in the basement!

The only reason you are getting a blog entry right now is because the progeny and the spouse are in bed and I am typing near the dryer!

Easter was a long day - not particularly trying, just long. Willow woke up this morning, climbed in bed with me and was chatting away. Nothing about Easter, however. After about 20 minutes I asked her if the Easter Bunny brought her something and she thinks for a moment and says, "I don't know." Me: "Did you check your bedroom?" Her: "No - I'll be right back." So she scampers down the hallway and yells back, "He brought me something! The Easter Bunny brought me something!" Please, let this continue - this innocent joie de vivre and belief - for a lot longer. It's so much fun.

Here 's a pic of her decorating her three eggs last night:

Forgive the eyes closed pic - I've told you many times before that this kid is mercurial and hard to take pictures of. At Michael's I found these Paas decorating swabs - they are like QTips with ink in the plastic tube - you break off one end and the ink swells to the opposite swab and you can paint away - only $1.29 a set and the two I bought her could have easily done a few more eggs. My mother-in-law had to hardboil the eggs for her - I simply cannot stand the smell of cooking hardboiled eggs. Or the taste for that matter. I am not sure who is going to eat these eggs - Willow says she will try.

Here is a pic of Willow this morning in her Easter finery:

The hat? From the $1 Target bin. The sweater is one I knit for her three years ago and she wears it every Easter. Umm, yeah - it was a bit big on her at first ;) I want to sew in the shoulders a bit so it isn't as droopy, but my mother-in-law is trying to convince me otherwise so it will still fit her again next year! It is knit from Bernat Breeze and is very soft. The pattern is a Minnowknits one, but I couldn't tell you which one off the top of my head.

Here is a pic of Willow at our church's Easter Egg Hunt - as you can see by her heavy winter jacket, it was pretty cold - less than 45'F at its warmest today.

I asked Willow while everyone was striding up to the front for communion why Easter was important and she gave me the Easter Bunny line. I said no, and asked her if she knew why Good Friday was important - she didn't - so I explained that was the day Jesus died. No pun intended, but she had the gravest look on her face and she said so quietly, "Is he okay? Is he in heaven?" It was sweet - I explained the rest as best I could. Later that day at dinner, she was telling her grandparents all about Jesus dying as if it were the latest news.


I should have bought a lottery ticket today! I found out today I had won two different blog contests! The first, this morning, was at SuzannaBanana's 'Knitting For the Large Headed Gal' and the second tonight at Chicken Knits. Woo-hoo! Go visit their blogs and enter people's blog contests when they offer them!


LadyLungDoc said...

Wow - 2 contests! Congratulations!!

Bezzie said...

Hee hee! That's a cute Easter story!!

And my sympathies with your husband's O-chem. I lived thru that to w/Dr. MS. Oof.