Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pleasantly Surprised

It's been a beautiful past few days here - temperatures in the 80s on the weekend, a tad cooler on Monday and Tuesday (but still unseasonably warm) and everywhere around us flowers have popped up and bloomed. Um, no - I don't have any pictures. I will soon - trust me! Yesterday I pulled up in front of our house after work and came to a dead stop - in the front left corner of my house was a little bush that had somehow bloomed *WHILE I WAS AT WORK*! I swear it was all twigs and buds that morning, and in the late afternon it was a mass of tiny pink snowballs. I have no clue what it was - I described it to my father-in-law and he doesn't think it is an azalea. I will try to get a picture up here tomorrow so someone can tell me what it is.

Now, along with the nice weather there is something else we need to start doing. Yardwork. My father-in-law has been over a few times with the dandelion poison so we can start having a nice lawn rather than a dandelion farm. This weekend we need to buy a lawnmower and Andrew has sworn up and down he will not buy an gas mower. He wants to get a pushmower, but I vetoed that because I know *I* will be the one mowing the lawn on many occasions... so, an electric one it will be. We also need to order a huge pile of sand and start filling in the massive potholes in the backyard - and hopefully find the elusive drain. There is a small raised garden plot set aside in the backyard, and it will soon be the home of the tomato plants my mother-in-law and Willow seeded for me. I also want to look into getting a pepper plant or two. And I know this yard needs a lot of work, so I am happy if a few of these vegetable endeavours end up being in pots for the time being.

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Bezzie said...

Electric is a good compromise! My seeds are supposedly arriving later this week so I too will be hoping for the random veggie or two.