Sunday, February 11, 2007

Knitty Secret Pal 8 Package!

Look what arrived for me yesterday!

From New Mexico, no less... that through me off :) Enclosed were 3 skeins of Big Mexiko socks yarn (thank you - quick sock satisfaction here I come!), a blue striped vinyl box (which I will be taking to work to put all my various post-it pads in), a bag of white chocolate Hugs (yum!), a Chibi needle set (I've always wanted one of those), some size 7 bamboo dpns (no doubt for those socks!), some on-th-needle stitch counters, and a Bunny sticker set for Willow. I'm saving the stickers for this afternoon for her to play with as we pack - thank you for thinking of her, too! The funny thing about the stitch counters is that I almost bought some yesterday but then reconsidered it because I was in dire need of a nap. Thank you, SP!

Look, Mom! My bed was made!


Zonda said...

Nice goodies there!! :)

MOM said...

First time in how long? The last time you washed the sheets??? Just kidding... Nice treats - for both of you - don't you want W helping you pack?
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...


Glad you got the package!

Enjoy, wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Good luck packing, Its so exciting moving to your first house you bought!

Your SP!

Batty said...

Nice package!