Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not Quite What We Were Expecting

The last few weeks I have read many people's blogs - oddly enough, many of them in New Mexico, where they have been having many snow days... Well, we had an ice day yesterday. It had started to snow in the afternoon of February 13th - but it was that fluttery fly-away powdery stuff and many people I work with assumed that was the worst of it. Like always, the weatherman had over-estimated the system. I did bring my computer home from work, just in case.

Valentine's Day morning I work up to an odd dinging/pinging sound. After I came to, I realized it was ice hitting the windows. Not just sleet - but mini hail balls of ice. The top half of my bedroom window had about a half-inch of ice on it and it was like looking out of bathroom window glass. At 6:30am Andrew went out to try and clear off our cars and I hooked up my computer to the broadband (thank you!) and started to work. After about an hour Andrew came back in, having broken the teeth off all of our ice scrapers and breaking one of my taillights in an attempt to break off the ice... The roads were just too dangerous to drive on so Willow and Andrew had an ice day and I plugged away on my reports at the dining room table. I didn't go out all that day - Andrew and I decided we had to postpone Valentine's Day until the weather is a bit more amiable. The system had cleared through by this morning, so I took my computer outside to show you a bit of what had happened the day before.

This is a tree in our back courtyard:

A close-up of the poor frozen pine cones:

And an icy rhododendron in my in-laws' front yard:

I had to get to the office - but I saw many neat things along the way that I would have loved to take pictures of. With the sun coming up in the morning everything looked as if it were gilded in gold.

I will have a finished object soon - and keeping with my New Year's resolution of one significant project a month, it is not just a hat ;)


MOM said...

and Gram was asking me tonite if you were also enjoying the horrible eastern weather!!!
Love & Hugs

Zonda said...

Wow! Poor trees and Rhoderdendron! Stay warm! :)

Jae said...

We had an ice storm in January and it stayed cold enough to keep the ice on everything for several days. It was a beautiful drive those days - the ice made everything glow.