Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Wonder That Is Ikea

Oh my, we had fun today!

Andrew and I went off to Ikea this afternoon to get some ideas of what do with all the space we will have in our new home. Specifically, while large on room space, the bedrooms are skimpy on closet space - so we needed to look into armoires and wardrobes. I say 'and' because Andrew seems to think I am speaking French when I say 'armoire', and his Dad said he thinks they are actually different things. In any case, we will be needing more closet space in the new place. The first happy surprise was that we ran into my friend Asami, her husband Gara, and their cute-as-a-bug son Ray. This was a neat coincidence - both of us in the same (huge) place at the same time on the same day in a town that is not where either of us live.

We only came home with $15 worth of tools and some small stuff for Willow - but with lots of ideas. I want to get a bookcase or shelving unit to put all my knitting supplies and wool in to keep them in somewhat neat and orderly condition. We had a good look at the dishes and kitchen supplies as well - I know we will need new dishes (as one broke so we are down to 3 dinner plates). My Mom has one of those hanging do-hickies in her kitchen to hold all her pots and pans and I would like to get one of those, too.

And the next to best part (after the ideas, of course!)... I got to knit all the way to and back from Conshohocken and am about 30 minutes away from finishing my Dad's birthday hat. Um, yeah... Dad's birthday was at the beginning of January...

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Jaime said...

Andrew this is for you. Jo Ikea furnature bad, go garage sale-ing and find some cool unique furnature for your rooms. Hope Willow feels better. Love ya all!!