Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'Cause My Dad Bitched At Me For Not Posting Enough

What female superhero are


You are the anti-hero. Now quite a hero but prone to heroic
actions and a protector of abused women. Dark, sleek and
full of feminine wiles, you steal your way into people's
hearts. Meow!

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Yeah... that's me - sleek and full of feminine wiles...

(ETA - Scroll and highlight over the white text to read it - I don't know why it is being annoying.)


tara said...

I came up with Wonderwoman. Hmmm..

Batty said...

Well, I'm Emma Frost, which wasn't entirely what I expected. But it sort of fits.

Happy Halloween, Catwoman! : )

Shan said...

Jean Grey. Who the heck is Jean Grey?

Are you gonna do my meme?