Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ever had one of those days when you can't think of anything interesting to say and you wish someone would just send you a cool meme you had never done before so your parents don't worry because you haven't updated the blog in a few days...?


Happy Birthday, Mom!

I love my Mom - she's fun to talk to, she can knit up a storm, and I will never compete with her culinary skills (that just makes my visits to Canada that much more tasty!) She is also a horrible person to buy presents for (Mom!) so as soon as she lets me know what she would like, it is in the mail.


Eric and Emily B. said...
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Jo said...

Emily -

Thanks, but I had to edit your email :)

MOM said...

All I want are happy and healthy kids, grandkids and hubby - of course!!!
Love & Hugs

cpurl17 said...

Happy Birthday Jo's Mom!!

Yarn makes a great gift....