Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The 24-Hour Kid-Sized Shawl

Last Friday afternoon I was clearing out Willow's backpack when I noticed a note from Willow's teacher saying the kids were to dress up for their 100th Day of Kindergarten (which was today). Dress up how? Well - I misread it. I read the note as if the children were supposed to dress up as if it were 100 years ago. Easy-peasy. I had something Alice-in-Wonderlandish in mind, thought I could ask my MIL nicely to whip Willow up a pinafore and we we would be done. Then I asked Willow if her teacher had given them any hints or ideas of how to dress up.

"Like old people! You know, wigs, canes, suspenders."

Hrm?!?! I read the note again. Sure enough, they were to dress as if they were 100 years old. That is open to interpretation. In any case, my MIL stepped up to the plate and quickly sewed Willow a pink gingham nightgown. I went out and let Willow pick some yarn (and don't you know it, she chose Lion Brand Homespun) so I could knit her a shawl to go with the nightgown. Yeah, we were going with the theory that someone a 100 years old would be in bed. I meant to start it Saturday... but I ended up a cold-medicine induced sleep most of that day. And Sunday. So, the shawl was started sometime after dinner on Sunday and finished last night - here it is:

I didn't use a pattern. It's all in stockinette stitch; I started out with three stitches and increased with yarn overs on every knit row until I felt it was long enough. I used size 11 KnitPicks circulars and used maybe 2/3 of the skein. Willow loves it and I foresee it being reborn as a superhero cape in the near future.

Here's the front and your daily Lucky shot:

Still sick - I stayed home from work today and my sinuses feel like bricks.


tara said...

You better belive that when I am 100 I will be wearing pink gingham and a shawl...and in bed.
Sorry you are still sick.

Bezzie said...

Hey! Her eyes are open!!

Cute shawl/nightgown combo. What a hilarious idea for the 100th day of kindergarten!

turtlegirl76 said...

Heh. That's definitely an interesting way to celebrate 100 days. In college, our 100 day celebration was a countdown to graduation and involved much drinking. Though, like your theory, many of us spent the next day in bed.

Beverly said...

Thought I recognized that yarn. I think I have some of that color buried in my stash somewhere. The shawl is really cute.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

She looks too cute in her shawl!!

Nell said...

Cute idea for 100 years old!

Feel better already!

Zonda said...

So cute! Hehe..yeah at 100 yrs old, I'd be in bed too!

cpurl17 said...

Hmmm..I kinda dress that way at home now. Then again, there are days when I feel 100 days old!