Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Days Are Easier Than Others get an in-focus picture of Lucky.

We had a snow day here today - we received a phone call at bloody 5:22am to let us know that the school district had closed all the schools because of the inclement weather. I was all excited - I thought it was my Mom calling to let me know that my newest niece or nephew had been born. Not yet! I worked from home today and Willow had a cartoon-watching day. I'm such a meanie about school, though - I made her do two pages of phonics and two pages of math. I taught her how to use a plate of Cheerios to help her with her math homework. Don't you love it when your kid thinks you have discovered something amazing!


Xia Diaz said...

It sounds to me that you're a caring mom not a meanie! If there were more parents like you, kids in this country would be doing better in school. Keep it up!

Batty said...

5 am phone call? Congratulations on not killing anybody!
Adorable kitty picture. Sometimes, they just won't hold still.

turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah we'd get the 5am phone call too. But it'd be from my Dad who was the highway superintendent - and thus the first to know if school would be open since he was the one to decide. Heh. But there was no falling back asleep because all our friends would be calling US to find out if school was open.

Bezzie said...

Hee hee, now I had the opposite problem--I did leave work at 3:30 and when I went to pick up Chunky he whined "Can't I finish my work first before we go?" I think I'm raising a nerd.

And what's up with schools calling that early??? YIKES!