Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Book Report: Kiss Me Deadly

And back to the genre romance...

Michele Hauf's Kiss Me Deadly is the first book I have ever read in Sillouette's Nocturne line - and if this story is indicative of the quality, I'm hooked. And better yet, this is apparently the second book in a series and I would not have guessed that if I had not read it in the introduction.

Kiss Me Deadly (okay, I could have done without the bad 1980's song title) has an interesting take on the urban fantasy world. Centuries ago, after being constantly enthralled by vampires who soaked up witches' powers when they drank the witch blood, the witches fought back by casting the 'Protection,' a spell that made the witches' blood an ugly and instant poison to any vampire who came in contact with it. Ever since, the vampires and witches have been at war.

Ravin is a vampire-hunter witch, complete with blood-infused bullets and killer (literally) martial arts skills. She also owes Himself (think horns and tail) three favours in return for the Sight (the ability to recognize vampires among humans). Whilst completing one of these favours, she bumps into Nikolaus, a vampire she thinks she has killed. Since he was able to survive her poisonous blood, he is now a phoenix - a vampire immune to her blood. And, due to Himself's favour and an accident... now enspelled in love with Ravin.

I really enjoyed this book and hope to find more books by Hauf - and I will definitely be checking out more books in the Nocturne line.


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Bezzie said...

And it's dedicated to Great Aunt Velma isn't it?

Shan said...

Usually, anything vampy is okay by me, but I gotta admit I'd have a hard time taking it seriously with that cover.