Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't You Love Your New Food Container?

Honestly, I think the fact that it is transparent is driving him nuts.

Cristi, who takes wonderful pictures herself of Calvin and Ripple, has this to say about taking cat pictures:

The trick is turning on every light in the house and turning OFF the flash on your camera and hoping and praying that of the fifty shots you take of the cat at least one turns out not only cute but clear. Not easy. But the no flash is key. For me.

Oddly enough, that is my modus operandi with Willow as well. I need to stop using flash on Lucky - he has light green yes and the flash does weird things to them in pictures. Back to Calvin and Ripple - I think those two are Willow's favourite computer cats - she knows them by name when I am reading blogs. And I have to thank Cristi for the idea of the plastic ribbons on the top of milk jugs - Lucky goes nutso for them.

Here's a question for you cat people out there: Lucky has a few raw spots where he has scratched himself. One in the less-furry spot in front of his ear, one near his collar, and the other above his shoulder. He doesn't have fleas or other bugs. These showed up about 10 days ago when we stopped feeding him tuna (side tangent - he was getting the tuna because he was on amoxicillin for a sinus infection and the only way to disguise the bubblegum smell was to mix it with tuna. Why to they make feline antibiotics taste like bubblegum?!?! Anyway...). So, it showed up after we stopped the daily tuna. I'm wondering if his skin is really dry right now and that is why he is itchy - I know my scalp is painfully dry right now so I am just drawing a correlation. I did give him some tuna today mixed in with some canola oil. Does anyone have any insight into this?


tara said...

Dont know if this is related but we had a dog with what was called "hot spots" and there was a creme or oil we got at the pet store for this so he would stop scratching the spot. Good luck.

Nell said...

I have a kitty who licks off the hair on her legs. Spray benedryl seems to have done the trick. But she still licks. You could always try Omega 3's?

Beverly said...

I wonder if the natural fats in the tuna were providing some moisture for his skin that is now lacking, and that's why he's scratching?

turtlegirl76 said...

I'd be more inclined to agree with Tara. My sister had a cat that would lick the area right above it's butt until all the hair was gone. She'd have to put a creme on it or get her a cortizone shot or something to make it stop. But if you're concerned that her skin is too dry, try safflower oil - a tablespoon, mixed in with Lucky's food. That will help.

Bezzie said...

Hm, I've only had the problem around the collar where they try like hell to get their collar off and scratch themselves raw. It usually involves just removing the collar for a bit.

Don't you love the way they treat you like the next messiah when they're hungry and you've got that food? It's a great 2 seconds I tell you.

cpurl17 said...

My sister's cat had raw spots as a result of a food allergy--could it be what you switched him to?