Friday, February 01, 2008

Belated Book Report: High Stakes

Sorry for the delay - it was Andrew's birthday yesterday and by the time we got back from the restaurant I was too beat to write up the book report.

I learned about High Stakes a few months ago. I had been looking up a different book and saw this in a sidebar as a "if you liked 'X' book, you will love..." link. I'm glad I clicked on that link, because I was laughing from the first paragraph of this book.

Ethan is a vampire who likes going to the dentist because he likes than smooth clean feeling afterward. He also needs to find himself a wife because he is running for re-election as president of the vampires and the life of a swinging playboy is just not cutting it with the political undead these days. He thinks he has hit the jackpot with Brittany - a sweet, beautiful, tall dentist with an interesting secret... but then he meets her sister.

Alexis is nothing like her sister. She is a pint-size wispy-haired blonde with a sarcastic and mistrusting streak a mile wide. Oh yeah - she is also a martial arts enthusiast and county prosecutor and she does not take kindly to a deluded casino owner who thinks he is a vampire saying he is going to marry her baby sister.

This is the first book in a series and I know I will be seeking out the subsequent novels. Ethan falls hard for Alexis - and while Brittany would have been a more politically sound choice for his wife, he can't resist Alexis. Their romance cracked me up - especially when her idea of foreplay is beating the hell out of Ethan - just because he won't complain she is playing too hard. If you like paranormal romances, pick this one up - it lacks the angst of a lot of novels in this genre, but it makes up for it with sheer silliness.


Okay, January is over - how am I doing with my 2008 challenge so far? I read 9 books (2709 pages!!) in January - so if I can continue this rate I can make it to a hundred books.


Teri said...

Will this book be included in my care package or should I go out and search for it on my own??

Please let me know!

tara said...

Your books always have the most interesting covers. Happy Birthday Andrew!

Holly said...

That sounds like a fun book. Congrats on making it through so much reading in January! And happy belated birthday to Andrew!