Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Book Report: Flyboy

Look Ma! A non-genre romance novel! (Yes, I do periodically wander from the angst of werewolves and vampires...)

I picked up a couple of the Harlequin Blaze and Silhouette Temptation novels from the library, assuming that they would be quick reads and would allow me to pad my yearly book total... and boy, was I in for a surprise with this one. Way back when I was in university I used to devour these books - what can I say, I was at a school where girls out-numbered boys 3 to 1 and being cute, short, and let's be polite and say abundant... the guys that were around weren't exactly breaking down my door. So, I read a lot of romance novels. I remember them being invariably 189 pages long - fiesty girl, committment-phobic boy, snappy repartee, hot sex, and happily ever after. Not long on storyline, but honestly - that wasn't why I read the books.

Karen Foley's Flyboy has a lot of those above-mentioned attributes... Sedona is an aerospace engineer fighting her way in a man's world, Angel is a hotshot pilot who is not looking for a permanent relationship... but underneath it all was a story that sometimes made me forget why this book is sheathed in red bedsheets and has the brand name 'Blaze' emblazoned on the front. Not completely - Ms. Foley has a deft hand with that attribute as well. According to the introduction, this book is her debut novel - and I have to say I will be looking for her name again.
ETA - Apparently not her debut novel, but her first novel with Harlequin Blaze. I found her website and she has written other books as well.


And here's your daily Lucky shot:

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