Saturday, November 16, 2013

Girls on the Run

Willow ran her third 5K race in a month this morning, and it was such a positive, fun experience. Willow's friend, Amanda, has participated in Girls on the Run for a few years now, but until this autumn, it hadn't really worked with our schedule. The girls met and trained twice a week for 7 weeks, ran practice runs, worked on their interpersonal relationships, and this all culminated in a 5K race.

 Here's a pic of the girls before the race started: DSCN1071

 This is how they warmed up for their race:


 Here is the best picture I took all day:


 (Even Willow said that one was a keeper when she saw it on the camera screen.)

 Here is Willow running and not looking at the camera:


 I was peeved about that one - I had a great shot lined up, and some asshat came up and just stood in front of me. After I freaked at him, that was the only shot I had time enough to take.

 And here are the girls as they finished up their race:


 And just so everyone knows -


(Sorry - I know I didn't blog yesterday - I was under the weather and was not on the computer.)

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