Friday, November 01, 2013

It's That Time Again - NaBloPoMo!

You know, I have to look that up every time - I can never remember the abbreviation.


 It's getting harder and harder to maintain this blog - other social media outlets are so much easier to maintain and quicker to update. But, I'm going to make the effort to blog every day in November for National Blog Posting Month, even if it is just a quick snapshot to let you know something that happened that day.

 I don't have any big creative thing planned today - it's just a start. The picture above was taken last weekend when we were at the final day of the PA Rennfaire - I love autumn for the changing colors, and this leaf was just sitting on the floorboards of the place we were sitting at for lunch. Piper picked it up and carried it around for a while afterward and I don't think she realized how fragile it was and how easily it would disintegrate in her hands. But once she figured out that, she made it her mission to crunch as many leaves as possible. Yes, we still call her Piperzilla for a reason.


 Me and Piper painting a pumpkin at the Rennfaire. Or rather, me trying to keep Piper from getting paint all over every surface but the pumpkin. Andrew said Jackson Pollock would have been proud.


mom said...

I'm glad it's NaBloPoMo again!!! and yes P is cute!!
Love & Hugs

Discoknits said...

I'm glad it's NaBloPoMo too; I like everyone's more frequent posts :0) I have 7hr 14 mins to decide if I can start it too. Nice pic of Piper :0)

SuzannaBanana said...

I have the same problem. "But I already said that on Facebook! Who has time to keep up with everything here? Ack!