Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Kid

IMG_0995, originally uploaded by jochibi.

Piper has been cracking me up recently. She has been fixated with the idea that she has a brother - I know what most of you are thinking - that she wants a baby brother (and trust me, that is not happening!) - but no... according to her, her brother is older than her. And he took her to the hospital when she was hurt at a soccer game. She also says she has a daughter. Who is a boy. This kid has some pretty wild thoughts and ideas - talking to her always makes me smile.


Jeanne said...

Maybe she's remembering her previous life? When I was little, I distinctly remember that I "remembered before" having three kids of my own. (I never had the desire to have children in this life, so it wasn't baby-lust.)

Interesting that her daughter is a boy. Transgendered, or transitioning? Kids. If it isn't a past life, she has one wild imagination. :-)

Mel said...

I seriously considered the past life thing when Brenna was 2, maybe 3. I can't recall but she would talk about the brick house with one level, not two like we had, where we all used to live with some level of detail for that age, and when I told her we'd only ever lived in our one house she got really upset that I was getting it "wrong". So I dunno! After awhile she stopped talking about that stuff and I was kind of relieved.