Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Mom Makes Me Things!


 I think I have mentioned this before, but no, my Mom didn't teach me how how to knit. Not for lack of trying - more like my lack of interest in learning when I still lived at home. I wished she had taught me - I've kind of cobbled my technique together over the last few years and while I knit fast and have very even tension... my creative yarn-holding makes it very difficult for me to learn new cast ons. But Mom is a fantastic knitter, and from time to time, I'll send my Mom a pic from Ravelry and ask her if she thinks she could make something for me. She hasn't said no yet! Damn! I probably just jinxed myself by writing that. 

The shawl above was designed by my talented friend, Melissa of Another Dandi Day and you can find the pattern on Ravelry: Bradbury Shawl. And, right now, since it is Melissa's birthday month (mine, too!), she is offering 25% off all her patterns on Ravelry with the code Birthday Bash until the end of November. Go check them out!

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mom said...

depends on what you ask for....
Love & Hugs