Thursday, July 09, 2009

Camp Carnival

Nothing like watching your kid run around apeshit for two hours.

I'm watching the sky and waiting for flashes of lightning, but nothing happened. So tired... but I am not finished the book.

(What book? I only have two chapters left of Laurell K. Hamilton's Skin Trade. Not a bad book, but I'm getting a bit tired of the "So what?! I'm a girl!" comments.)


Mom said...

Is this one of the books you waited for?
Love & Hugs

Bezzie said...

Wow. I'll tell you how bad those books have become--Dr. MS used to wait for them and plead with me to buy them HB for him when they'd come out. But then they got too "sex, sex, sex" for him. I've never even heard of this one!

Jo said...


Dr. MS would probably be happy with about 7/8ths of the book - reminded me much of 'Obsidian Butterfly' (many of same characters and in a different city). The sex comes late and to me was a paltry excuse to wrap up the book...