Friday, July 10, 2009

Wot?! Me buy yarn? Never...

Look what showed up on my doorstep this afternoon!

Red Ginger Sock Yarn

I wasn't intending to buy yarn this week, but then I was surfing Etsy on saw this very pretty yarn on sale:

Red Ginger Close Up

Then I traipsed over to the Beyond Basic Knits' website and saw that a colorway I had coveted for a long time, Moorea, was being discontinued amd was on sale, so I had to grab one of these, too:

Moorea Sock Yarn B

Now I just need to finish the socks (and Tara's armwarmers!) I have on the needles so I can get started on one of these lovelies! Does anyone have any pattern suggestions for them?

Onto the garden. Have you ever seen a cucumber dumpier than this one?


How about this one?

Cucumber A

I'm not sure what is going one here. They are nice and straight until they are about the size the size of gherkins, and then they get round. Maybe it was a seed mix-up because this definitely not what the cucumber on the seed package looked like.

My Cheddar spaghetti squash is doing well. I was mentioning to one of my co-workers that I didn't know how to tell when it is ripe - it's a squash with a hard exterior. She said I should be able to tell with the colour - and it is about same colour now as it was when I bought it, so I might pick it this weekend.

Cheddar Spaghetti Squash

And lastly, my Rose of Sharon:

Rose of Sharon

Enjoy it while it lasts - it is getting drastically cut back after it finishes blooming.


Bezzie said...


Suna said...

WEIRD cucumber.

Mom said...

maybe it's an 8 Ball cuke....
Love & Hugs

Zonda said...

Wild about the cukes! Wonder why? Can't wait to hear how the squash tastes! Nice yarns there too!

kemtee said...

We had a rather… bulbous… cuke, too. It still tasted fine. :-)

Pattern suggestions I don't have. I'm still staring at the ball of Mt. Colors and wondering what to do with it. You'll find something. It's too pretty not to want to.