Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Willow on her Birthday

Close Up.jpg

I like my chair

I love you this much!


Me likes Kitty food.jpg

So sleepy when I got to Canada.jpg

Willow Cutie



Willow Monster



Willow at the Blue Rocks

I'm dizzy with all the things you have done and become in the last seven years, Willow. I love you so much I'm tearing up as I write this.

Happy Birthday, Baby!


turtlegirl76 said...

Happy Birthday, Willow!!

Bezzie said...

EEE! So cute! Isn't it funny--they look pretty muc exactly the same when they're that little?

Happy Birthday Willow!

Discoknits said...

Fun to see here curls develop as the pics go by :0)

Happy Birthday Willow - oh to be seven ;0)

Shan said...

Happy birthday Willow!

I don't know which I love more, the shopping cart one or the rocking chair one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jo and Willow,
Great pics and happy birthday, Willow. Jo, remember the pic of you in the is still one of my favourite. Love Auntie Daryth.

Beverly said...

Happy Happy Birthday Willow!!

Zonda said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday Willow!

Elizabeth said...

What adorable photos!!!! Happy Birthday, Willow! By the way, I love your hair cut short like one of the photos. ;)

Penny Karma said...

Willow, you rock! My Beebie's birthday is the 23rd. July birthdays are fun.