Saturday, February 11, 2006

Progress Day #1

This picture was taken at 10:30pm last night, just as my eyes were giving out on me. I managed to finish about 3.5 inches on the back of the vest - one entire cable repeat and the start of another. On the advice of a few blogs I had read where people had already finished Veste Everest, I am doing knitting one extra cable set to make the vest a few inches longer. The colour is darker than in the picture - I'm not sure what is up with that. I started on time, but it took me nearly 40 minutes to cast on 182 stitches and then count then a bazillion times to make sure I had the right number. Four rows into it I had a minor dropped stitch problem, but seeing as it was only in the ribbing.

It's a little hard to make out the cables in this light, but they are turning out really well. Willow doesn't like the fact that I hold the cable needle in my mouth (like a thermometer) when I'm not using it on the cable row. I'm afraid that it will go missing if I put it down, though!

And this may not be an earth shattering thing, but I figured out how to convert a stitch I had purled by mistake a few rows down into a knit stitch - yay me!


Mom said...

Shove the needle horizontaly[is that spelt right?] through the knitting OR put it in the crack of your boobs - that's the only ways you didn't think I was sick!!
Love & Hugs

candsmom said...

Looks like you're off to an auspicious start! Your vest looks fabulous and I love the color you chose. Learning to tink stitches and change knit to purl or vice-versa is something I just learned recently, too. What a huge help!! I've yet to figure out how to correct cables a couple of rows back, though, so if you have any insight on that, I'd love to hear your suggestions. I always wind up frogging when I screw up cables. Looks awesome, Jo! Take care! :-)