Sunday, February 12, 2006

Progress Day #2

I'm up to about 6" now and am almost finished with my first skein of Wool-Ease. I don't think I am in danger of running out - I believe I had originally bought 10 skeins of it to make a sweater for Andrew. When I have added a few more inches to this I think I will be able to stetch the knitting out a bit to better demonstrate the cables.

And now for the weather report... the nor'easter has passed through and according to Channel 6 news, has left us with 9" of snow. I haven't gone out to measure it, but just eyeballing it tells me there is more than nine inches out there. The wind chills are pretty wicked right now - 10'F right now, so we are waiting a bit to take Willow out on her sled.

Here is one view from our window:

And down the parking lot:

Hopefully I will have some clearer pictures this afternoon. This is our first significant snowfall of the winter - there was a little bit in December, but it was nothing like this. In fact, this winter has been unseasonably warm - the news channel said that this had been the warmest January on record... and I am sure that doesn't bode well.

Okay, has anyone else broken out the Tiger Balm, Bengay, or similar muscle creams to help with their knitting or am I the only wimp?


Anonymous said...

Hello my dear. If you haven't already seen it, I thought you might be interested in this. Hope you've had a nice weekend. Love your Knittysp6 xxx

candsmom said...

Your vest looks gorgeous! Fantastic progress, too. I can't believe the view from your window!! I was complaining how "cold" it was this morning (at 65 degrees), but it looks like I should be counting my blessings instead. Stay warm and take care, Jo! :-)