Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Progress Day #4

Veste Everest's back is now long enough to use a small child for scale. I'm in the middle of the last cable cycle before I start binding off for the armholes, so I think I am still making good progress.

But let me tell you about my day yesterday...

  1. I get out of the shower and Andrew asks me to make his lunch. I say, "Sure - soon as I get dressed." He says, "Fine! Then I will be late for work!" WTF?!!!? He actually expected me to make his lunch while wearing a towel. I disabused him of the notion.
  2. I get Willow all decked out in her winter gear and carry all the daily paraphenalia (gym clothes, Willow's nap blanket, extra shoes for Willow, the stuffed animal she had to have, my lunch, my backpack...) outside. The apt complex has not laid down salt and the sidewalk is a 2" thick swath of ice. I tell Willow to walk on the snow so she won't slip. She runs into a snowbank and starts jumping up and down. I yell at her (mind you, it's 7am - I'm sure my neighbours love me now) and she comes back.
  3. Once again, I tell her to walk on the snow beside the sidewalk so she won't slip. She ignores me, strides up to the black ice and proceeds to swoosh onto her bottom. She starts to cry. Inside, my head explodes.
  4. We get to the car and the doors are frozen shut - so I have to put all of the above-mentioned paraphenalia on the grimy between-car snow so I can wrench the doors open.
  5. We get into the car, and I proceed to warm it up. Willow starts complaining that she is wet and cold. I'm feeling very bitchy. I say, "I didn't tell you to jump in the snow bank. You'll have to wait until we get to school so I can change you." So she continues to voice her displeasure.
  6. The car warms up, I shift gears into reverse... and... NOTHING!!!!! %^$*$%^&*)*$$#
  7. I get out of the car and find out that not only are my tires iced to the pavement, but the same helpful apartment company that had not put salt on the sidewalk had plowed 18" of snow behind my car sometime after Andrew had cleared it off yesterday.
  8. I call my in-laws and my mother-in-law says my father-in-law will come ferry us to school and work.
  9. Work is okay.
  10. Father-in-law comes to get me after work and we go to pick up Willow... and she has a cubby full of valentines and chocolates. This confuses me. I say to her teacher, "Isn't Valentine's Day and the Valentine's Day tomorrow? She says yes, but the children were supposed to bring their valentines last Friday. WHY?!?! My head officially explodes for a second time that day.
  11. We get home, and I have to spend the first hour putting everything back in the cupboards. Yes, everything. Again, the super-helpful apt company sent out a notice last week saying we had to empty all of the cupboards so they could apply some treatment to the wood.
  12. I decided I needed musical accompaniment, so went onto Yahoo music and found about 20 versions of the Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays" and listened to them in a loop until I was finished.

It's a damn good thing I had knitting to fall back on yesterday.


Anonymous said...

And the knitting looks lovely darlin'. What a crap Monday. Hope your Tuesday is at least a slight improvement.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me, your KnittySP!

Jo said...

Thanks - it has to better - there can be no place to go but up!

PS - Your postcard arrived yesterday! Thanks you!


Mom said...

W is lovely, the knitting is coming along good and don't you love juggling motherhood, holidays, work, hobbies, husbands and cars that don't do as they are told?

tara said...

I heard that Monday song the other day and thought about you and our college days. Sorry you had such a crappy day. You're right, its all up from there.

Ter-bear said...

I've never heard of tires actually icing to the ground. But after -35 (celcius), square tires are not uncommon. It's an interesting driving experience. Ka-thump, ka-thump. Tires eventually become round when they have sufficiently warmed up. Which should be done slowly, BTW.
Perhaps your parking lot snow removal crew should come to the Yukon and learn how to do it right.

mamma said...

Your daughter is one of the cutest children I've seen (I know that sounds creepy from a stranger, but I'm a Mom of three kids, take it as a compliment). What wonderful hair. Your sweater looks pretty good too.
As far as making lunch in a towel? Isn't that every man's fantasy lol. I wouldn't have done it either. My response would have been snarky like "why can't you just do it yourself, are your arms broke"

gourdongirl said...

Oh boy that WAS some Monday! The knitting looks great.