Thursday, February 16, 2006

Progress Day # 6

I've completed the main BOs for the armholes and am working in a straight section now where I decrease a stitch on each side every other row for 34 rows - pretty simple. I have two days to get this back finished if I want to stay on track... personally I think that Andrew may be on Willow duty for most of the weekend...

And to alleviate the confusion, I know today is the 7th day of the Olympics and I am giving you update #6 - it is because this is what I had finished as of last night. I can't knit until Willow goes to bed, so I only get maybe 2-3 hours each night and if I'm lucky, a few more than that on the weekends.

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candsmom said...

Looks great! I hear you on the night knitting, too. I know there are moms who are able to knit when their children are awake, but their kids must be less sticky, whiny and demanding than my unruly ones. ;-) Hang in there and keep up the fantastic work! Take care, Jo! :-)