Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wacky Translation

My friend Asami has tagged me for a meme... in Japanese! I used Google's language tools ( http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en ) to translate it (rather haphazardly) into English. Now, I will attempt to answer!

Q1. Using what kind of, it increases the wallet?
Jo's Interpretation: What kind of wallet do you have?

A: I have a red zip-up wallet. It is long so I don't have to fold my money in half - for some reason that really bothers me. And the reason it is read is so I can easily find it when I take it out of my bag.

Q2. Using what kind of, it increases carrying?
Jo's Interpretation: What kind of cell phone do you have?

A. It's a silver flip up phone from Cingular - nothing terribly fancy - but it is almost time to upgrade my phone, so I have been looking at other ones. I would like to have a camera phone, but we are not allowed to have them at work.

Q3. Using, as for the る portable strap?
Jo's Interpretation: What keychain (キティ ち ゃ) do you have on the cell phone?

A. I don't have one. I think this is a strictly Japanese fashion - because I haven't seen many people here with decorations on their cell phones.

Q4. Does the log increase having?
Jo's Interpretation: Okay... you've got me on this one...

Q5. Using what kind of, it increases the bag?
Jo's Interpretation: What kind of bag do you have?

A. I've never been the kind of girl to carry a purse - so I carry around mini-backpacks. I have a nice brown leather one for work and a nylon black Adidas one (that I, uh, 'borrowed' from my sister Jaime) that I use on the weekend.

Q6. As for main content of bag?
Jo's Interpretation: (This is easy!) What's in your bag?

A. My wallet, tinted lipgloss, hand cream, chewing gum, keys, MP3 player, pen, cell phone, craft store coupons, and normally a paperback novel for when I have to wait.

Q7. Unless it has carried about, useless!
Jo's Interpretation: What makes you useless if you don't have it?

A. Wallet, keys, and cellphone... all of which I have forgotten at work at various times and have had to go back and pick it up...

Q8. 5 people who turn the baton
Jo's Interpretation: 5 people you are tagging for this meme:

A. I'll answer this question when Asami lets me know how close my interpretations are to the real questions!


suz said...

Most phones that are currently in the US market don't have "keychain" loops (which are technically not even keychains the way we think of them; they are hand-sized loops with a charm and a smaller loop at the bottom to put through the phone's keychain loop) because most people in the US stick phones in pockets or cases and clip them on our belts. The Japanese and Asian users in general don't do belt clips; they put phones in their bags or carry them around their wrists.

I have a Motorola RAZR, and it has a keychain loop on it because it's so easy to drop. I put a Japanese-style loop through it because I don't want to drop (and break!) my phone while I'm talking on it. I loop my fingers through the big loop and have caught my phone several times when I slipped/was bumped/was just clumsy.

But yeah, it's a very Asian thing and most cell phone manufacturers play that up.

candsmom said...

Your creative artistic license with interpretation and translation cracked me up! ;-) It'll be so funny to compare with the actual meme questions! Take care, Jo! :-)

tara said...

I cant wait to see how you did. I have used those translators at the hospital for spanish and it never seemed to come out right.