Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Progress Day # 5

Okay, I have completed all the straight knitting and will start the decreases for the armholes with the next round. For scale this time I give you a 14" needle - so the knitting is about 11.5" right now - exactly where it should be.

Last night was Valentine's Day and Andrew treated me like a queen. He woke me up (albeit at 5:20am) to give me some Godiva chocolates and read me a Shakespearean sonnet. I think Willow appreciated it more than me at that early hour: "That's pretty, Daddy. Read me another!" He gave her a Valentine's Day present as well - potted pink tulips that are currently in her bedroom.


candsmom said...

So sorry for the late comment- I meant to do so yesterday, but things got crazy with the whole Valen-birthday thing. I'm so sorry it was such a crappy start to Valentine's Day... but I'm glad to see that things definitely got better. Godiva chocolate can make anything better, even iced tires. ;-) It's so sweet that Andrew gave Willow tulips, too. Awesome progress on the vest!! Take care, Jo! :-)

Jaimes said...

Andrew needs to teach other men of his romantic techniques!!!! I got a Happy Valantines Day, and thought that that was pretty cool!!! Sweater looks great Jo, Love your little sis plus one