Friday, November 09, 2007

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

They kind of look like Jaywalkers, don't they? Sadly, no - I haven't tried those socks yet - these are just knock-offs I picked up at Sears for Willow.


What are those things on the socks? They kind of look like Cadbury Easter Eggs, don't they? You know, the kind of candy that it is a damn good thing has a very short season or I would be five times the size I am now? They are trying to pass them off as Christmas candy now! Omigod. I had to buy a couple - for empirical research, you see...

Yeah... that's the ticket.


Bezzie said...

THEY'RE MAKING MINI EGGS TOO!!! But they're just Christmas Balls not eggs. But--WHO CARES?! YUM!

shutting up now!

Bea said...

I noticed the same thing with candy corn the last couple of years. It crops up with green, white and red colors at Christmas and then again at Easter in pastel. I love candy corn, but I really really don't need that much of it.

mom said...

is that how they make sure the chocolate doesn't go stale?

Shan said...

OMG ornament creme eggs? Are they exactly the same on the inside, or are they different?

*unreasonably excited*

Jo said...

I'm happy to say that due to my careful empirical research, they are egg-zactly the same!

Jo said...


I'm glad it's candy I don't like that they're mass marketing as Christmas candy - otherwise I'd be in huge trouble.

(Huger than I am already).

And those pink socks are cute.

Batty said...

The socks do kind of look like Jaywalkers.

The Eggs are great, I'm drooling just looking at them. What creeps me out, though, are the multi-holiday peeps. I've seen ghosts, santas, I think I've seen peep hearts... yucko!

Penny Karma said...

MINI EGGS???!??!!?!?!?!!!!!

God help me.