Monday, November 26, 2007

Little Inspirations

Most of you know that I don't wear any make up. I spend a healthy amount of money on skin cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, but I can't really be bothered with mascara, eyeshadow, etc. I rub my eyes too much in the course of a day - if I wore eye make up, I'd have a constant set of raccoon eyes. The weird thing about my lack-of-cosmeticness (yeah, that's my new word) is that I am always seeing colours that I will think to myself, "Oh, that would make a pretty (some type of make up)..." Case in point - tonight I am knitting my new sock (Gingerbread Dude!) and there is this point in the colourway that is the sweetest pinkish-brown. It would make the loveliest lip gloss. Would I wear it? Probably not - but it sure would be pretty.

Oh - I haven't decided on the difficulty of the sock yet - I am only 9 rows into 2X2 ribbing right now.


Nell said...

I'm not big on makeup either. But a good chapstick.... I hoard them.

Bezzie said...

Yup. I'm a chapstick addict-non cosmeticee (see, I invented a word too!) here too.

I'm a big eye rubber as well. And there's the whole glasses thing, I literally can't see well enough to apply it!!!

Lauren said...

I'm not a make up person either! It is nice not being a slave to make up.

Beverly said...

In my perfect world, I wear makeup everyday. Reality is a little different though. Not enough time in the morning to apply it--I'd rather sleep an extra 10 minutes.