Saturday, November 03, 2007

A November Garden

Fall has come upon us in a hurry - even as recently as last week I was too hot during the day and we broke down and turned the airconditioner on again. Not so now. Now we play the game of how cold it has to be before we turn on the heater - Andrew has already lost. He called me today from home and said, "Guess what - it finally got cold enough today for the heat to come on automatically!" (It is set on a sensor to turn on if the temperature goes below 60'F in the house.) Me: "Um, how did that happen? I turned the sensor off when we left yesterday." Him: "Oh yeah... I turned the heat on..." I love him, but he is a wimp when it comes to heat. He will wear long johns half the year if you would let him.

In any case, Willow and I were dogsitting today, and I decided to document my father-in-law's garden in November. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what is still growing - and not to mention the lovely fall colours:

Fall Azalea Leaves

Fall flowers (begonias?)

Fall Geraniums

Autumn Leaves





Cherry Tomatoes

Shrivelled Peppers


And I even found a sweet treat still lingering on their vines:


I tried to get a nice picture of Willow and Caddie, but neither one of them were cooperating:

Willow and Caddie 1

Why are so many things still blooming in November? Well, we had an exceptionally warm October - I think some plants got tricked into thinking it was spring and started a second round of blooms. The vegetable garden is pretty much done for, but you can still find the odd bunch of cherry tomatoes and pepper (not the one above) that hasn't withered yet.


Bezzie said...

Great pics! It *is* bizzare to see so many veggies in November!!

Batty said...

What a beautiful garden! I didn't know they could still look that pretty in November. And... raspberries? In November? Weird!

Zonda said...

Beautiful pictures! Wild to see things still blooming though! Looks like it was a great day!

Holly said...

There's lots of green here, still, too, but nothing that compares to the beauty of that garden. And I think you did a great job on the photo of Willow and Caddie - it's absolutely adorable.

MOM said...

Caddy has gotten so white around his muzzle!!