Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday: Unconscious Mutterings

I found this and it looks like fun. She gives you a list of words and you write down the first thing that comes to mind with each word.

1. Filthy :: Sink
2. Therapist :: Needed
3. Duck :: Projectile
4. Slant :: Cursive
5. Artist :: Daryth
6. Lease :: None
7. Wish :: Sears Book
8. Doormat :: Sorry
9. Global :: Television
10. Apartment :: Empty


Thanks for all the compliments on the socks - I can't wait for them to dry now so I can wear them. I have a request for information now. Every sock I have made has been the same pattern - Ann Budd's generic sock pattern. It's simple, works for me, and I pretty much know the pattern by heart now. However, I think I am ready to branch into something a bit fancier. Do you have any suggestions for a next-step sock that is not too complicated? I've only ever made socks top-down with dpns. Thanks!


LadyLungDoc said...

Grab a stitch dictionary, find a stitch pattern that you like, figure out how many times you can fit it into your usual number of cast-on stitches and start knitting!!

Holly said...

The sock is pretty! And filthy: sink made me giggle - oh how I can relate to that way of thinking. You could experiment with some ribbing, or twisted rib, and then move on to more complicated stitches. I think you'll be surprised how ready you are for what might appear "difficult". I'll look forward to seeing your progress!

Shan said...

Just don't knit Jaywalkers unless you want to upgrade Therapist from "needed" to "critical".

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm almost finished my first sock in the Socks that Rock - Red Rock Canyon Colorway. Way cool! I'm trying my hand a a new pattern called petals and it's really easy to work. I'll bring tonight to knitting to show you. ----- Michelle