Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three Things I Need To Learn

1. To layer clothes when one goes out so one does not have to buy a new shirt just because one would be indecent if one stripped off her wool sweater.

2. To not go into a fit of rage when the five year old comes up to the dinner table, looks at the food, and goes, "Ewwww..."

3. To drive on the interstate.


Bea said...

Those are noble goals. I haven't figured out the interstate thing either so no worries.

Shan said...

Oh please, I go completely ballistic when #2 happens to me. ESPECIALLY when I've made whatever-it-is because we're BROKE and this is the BEST I CAN DO. It's insult to injury.

Plus then the 3 year old looks over at her sister's snarky face and promptly copies her. "I don't like my supper!" YOU FREAKING LOVED IT TEN SECONDS AGO YOU SIMPLE-MINDED CHILD.

Ohhhhhkay. Deep cleansing breaths.

Bezzie said...

Bah, yeah #2 gets me every time. And it's even worse when you pick said 5 y.o. up from school to find that they apparently love Russian food involving boiled beets. But mom's steamed broccoli? Blech!

I do interstates, just not in the dark. Yikes.

Teri said...


What's the deal with the interstates?

tara said...

Ah yes. #2. My oldest used to fake throwing up at the mere sight of my cooking. Not something that makes your heart sing. And I only do back country roads. What happened to trains?