Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Willow Interview

As promised, here is my interview with Willow:

Q1: What is your favourite thing about your family? (from Nell)

W: You take me out trick-or-treating. You take me to the park down the street. And you say that you love me more than all the stars.

Q2: What is your favourite story book? (from cpurl17)

W: Okay... Sleepytime Tales (Jo: It's an anthology of Golden Books.) In Sleepytime Tales I like 'Baby Dear' because it has babies and how the baby grows up.

Q3: What is your Mom really good at? (from Tara)

W: Knitting! And loving me.

Q4: Do you know how to knit? If you don't, do you plan to learn? When? If you do know how, what do you like about it? And do you and your Mom share yarn and work on projects together? (from Holly)

W: Sort of. When I am five. Hey! I'm five now. I'm learning that I can knit half a scarf. I get the leftover yarn. We work on projects for my school so we can have a pizza party. (Jo: She is talking about the Boxtops for Education. Got any you want to contribute?)

Q5: Willow, how'd you get so darn cute?? And if you could spend a day with a celebrity of your choice (and do whatever you wanted), who would you hand out with and what would you do? (from Sarah)

W: (giggles)I was just made that way! Beethoven because I like the part when he goes, "Ba ba ba bum!" I would spend the day with him and we would go to the park.

Q6: Hey Willow - when you get to be an official grown-up what is the one thing you really want to do that you can't do now? (from Kemtee)

W: Knit and sew because I really want to knit and sew.

Q7: Hi Willow! Are you going to start up a yarn dyeing business when you grow up? (from Cristi)

W: What do you mean? (Jo explains) Write Y-E-S, Mom. Very much because but I can't do it right now. I won't use vinegar! No way, Jose!

Q8: Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence. Pete fell off, who was left? (from Bezzie)

W: Heat? What was it? What was the joke? Oh! Repeat was on there...


Hey people, my birthday is next week... and let's just say it is a number that can be divided by two odd numbers. I am going to have a short-term contest - I will probably put the contest up on Sunday and draw the winner on Tuesday... so stay tuned!


cpurl17 said...

Willow, you are a very interesting young lady! Thank you for letting your Mommmy interview you.

Nell said...

That was the cutest thing ever. I love that you tell her more than the stars!

She's so cute.

turtlegirl76 said...

Love it! Wonderful interview Willow!

Penny Karma said...

That was awesome! I love how she wants to hang out at the playground with Beethoven because, as everyone knows, he goes BA BA BA BUUUUM before he goes down the reallllly big slide.

Sarah said...

Thank-you Willow!

Too cute.

Holly said...

What a lovely interview, Willow! And I'll have to look for some boxtops for you - I'd be happy to pass them along!

kemtee said...

I did enjoy that. You are really good at this interviewing stuff, Willow! Why don't you interview your Mom for us?

Bezzie said...

Great interview Willow! I like Kemtee's suggestion!!