Wednesday, March 22, 2006

10th Anniversary

Here is the finished Dulaan sweater on Willow - I had to roll up the sleeves to fit her, but other than that it fits. The neckline was a little tight on her - it wasn't as stretchy as I hoped, despite the fact that I bound off in rib. I also think my baby has a big head, so that may have something to do with it as well!

See that drawing in the background? The one with the big head? That's Andrew - so I guess she comes by it naturally :)

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Uh, Mom...? Remember how you told me to use dishwasher detergent to get the Sesame Chicken stains out of Willow's dancing outfit? This is what happened:

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I don't know about all dishwasher detergents, but mine has bleach in it. Willow was quite distraught at first - okay, it was kind of funny - but I told her she was going to get a new outfit soon because this one was a bit tight on her.

And I wanted to show what I did to Willow's hair tonight:

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It's finally long enough to french braid! Hair is very fine so I think I would need some sticky gel or hairspray to have it stay in place if I were so inclined... but I love playing with her hair. Really - when I was a little girl my barbies were always sans clothing because all I ever cared about was doing their hair.

Day 22: All baking powder is baking soda and cornstarch (and some preservatives) mixed together.

I'm still not entirely clear on why we have baking soda and baking powder and why recipes call specifically one or the other and they are not interchangeable, though.

And the anniversary I mentioned in the title? Today is the 10th anniversary of the day Andrew and I met in Katsutadai, Japan - at MIL The Language Center, where we both taught English.


MOM said...

I don't think you were supposed to use the one with bleach!!!- tell W this is a new/old fashion tye-dyed like Mommy does with yarn.

candsmom said...

The Dulaan sweater looks great on Willow! And I think the larger cranium is a function of being a preschooler. ;-) I swear, Bossy and Stinky have the biggest heads ever, but all my science books assure me that this is, in fact, quite normal for their age. ;-) Their big heads, big eyes and cherry lips are what biologically drive mothers to nurture their "cute" offspring! I knew we were duped somewhere along the line, LOL! I think I've had the same tie-dye accident with dish detergent, too! Willow's french braid is so pretty... I can't wait till Stinky's hair grows long enough to style a 'do. Take care, Jo! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary. This week is also my five year anniversary of getting together with my partner - what a nice coincidence! Your second package was posted by said bloke on Friday last week so I do hope it reaches you shortly, thanks for being patient with me!
Your KnittySP6xxx

Jo said...

SP -

Cool! I'm looking forward to the package! I will have to start stalking the mail people here at work :)


ter-bear said...

Jo, is that a miniature christmas tree in the background? (Jaime mentioned it to me last night...)

Oh yeah, I agree with mom about the dish detergent (duh!!!) - just dye the whole dang thing another colour).

I was thinking - this summer, let's use tea instead of koolaid to dye yarn (you bring the yarn, I'll bring the tea!)

Jaimes said...

Teri stole my comment. I cant believe how grown up Willow is looking, the Dulaan sweater looks great Jo! Love Jaimes

Jo said...

Yes, yes - that is a mini Christmas tree... it belongs to my friend, Ruth and I haven't returned it to her yet. She lent it to Willow because we couldn't fit a real tree in the apartment.