Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finished Dulaan Sweater

It's 10:53pm and I have finished the Dulaan sweater. If I can get Willow to sit still for a few moments tomorrow, I may even have a live model to show it off in. Now that this is finished, I can dedicate myself to finishing Jaime's baby present, seeing as she was so kind to remind me she only has 10 weeks left in her pregnancy!!!!

The yarn is a Red Heart one pound ball in a magenta/orange/yellow/red colourway - sure to please any 6 year old girl. The pattern comes from Ann Budd's handy sweater pattern book (you know - the one with the multiple sizes and gauges - I'm too tired to get it and write the proper name). It's raglan, knit in one piece to the armpits, sleeves knit separately, then joined again to complete the raglan. I just did the same rib as the cuffs and waist for the neck so it would stand up a bit - I hate too-tight necks. I read in the latest Vogue Knitting that the Dulaan project is ending this summer so they can concentrate on other needs in Mongolia - so I need to make sure I get this package off in time.

Day 21: (Another fact courtesy of Alton Brown) British sailors ate pickles to combat scurvy.

He had a great recipe for curried pickled cauliflower that I want to try...


candsmom said...

Your Dulaan sweater is beautiful!! I love the colorway! You're going to make some little girl very happy with that gorgeous sweater. The colors just make you smile! :-) And I love pickles, so scurvy's as good a reason as any to eat them! Fantastic job on the sweater... take care, Jo! :-)

Tami said...

The sweater turned out great.
So bright and cheery.

Michelle Huver said...

Hi, Wow the sweater turned out beautiful and your daughter is too cute for words. Missed you guys on Tues night but will see you on this Sunday at the library cafe.