Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thai It - You'll Like It

I love watching Alton Brown. I record every episode of 'Good Eats' from the Food Network and Willow and I watch them together. She thinks Alton is a teacher and he is teaching her how to cook - and she isn't so far off. Tonight's episode was a new one about Pad Thai and I learned:

Day 16: Thailand translates as 'free land' and it is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never under foreign rule. Pad Thai itself was introduced and promoted during World War II - the government wanted to give people a dish that could act as a rice substitute because there were great rice shortages.

Another thing I like about this show - as I mentioned above - it is something that Willow and I can watch together and it isn't geared toward the preschool set. Don't get me wrong - Noggin and Sprout and PBS are wonderful... but there is only so much an adult can take!


candsmom said...

I love AB, too. I'm such a science dork. ;-) And I feel your pain on PBS kids... there's only so much of Teletubbies and Dragon Tales that one mentally sane adult can handle!! Take care and have a fantastic weekend, Jo! :-)

Jo said...

Dragon Tales is verboten in our house... I could forgive it being a cartoon - but the voices on that craptacular show are like nails on a chalkboard to me!