Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm such a joiner

As you can see by the button on the right sidebar, I've joined Lolly's Project Spectrum. The colours for March are red and pink. I had recently de-stashed a box of yarn to my Mom, but since my Mom can't knit with wool, I still had a sizeable bag of leftovers. In this scarf (it's a skinny scarf about 7 feet long), there are leftovers of Manos, Thick alpaca from, Bernat Breeze, Homespun, Wool of the Andes, Paton's Allure, cotton chenille, sock yarn (doubled), and Smart Wool. The whole thing was done in garter stitch length-wise and took me about 5 hours altogether:

Here's a picture of it on me - sorry - very crappy picture of me very tired and not having mastered the set up and timer.

Day 10: Capt. Hook from the Peter Pan stories was based on Captain Henry Morgan, who may have been a great pirate... but apparently a lousy sailor. He managed to crash and/or sink three different flagships.


tara said...

I love long scarfs and that fringe is great.

Jaimes said...

I love the scarf too Jo, awesome colours!Jaimes

candsmom said...

Your scarf looks wonderful!! I love the eclectic look of all the different textures and shades. So fun and funky! Take care and have a great Sunday, Jo! :-)