Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Veste Everest Evidence

The Photographer-in-Residence had to leave early this morning, so I had to depend on the Photographer's Apprentice to take my picture... now, please remember she is not even four years old yet, so I'm willing to let go of the fact that her thumb is in this picture:

The second one, though off-kilter, turned out much better:

We had our American Cancer Society fundraiser today at work and so were allowed to wear jeans (in exchange for making a donation) - and my Veste Everest matched my jeans nicely.

After Willow went to bed tonight I found a few more items around the apartment that fell within this month's Project Spectrum colours of red and pink.

This is a doll's quilt that my Auntie Daryth sewed for Willow - it has all sorts of pink and red in it:

Here is a piece of Christmas artwork we have hanging on the closet door:

And here is a toddler's hat destined for the Dulaan package that I finished today, It is knit from leftovers of leftovers and is part Wool of the Andes and part Smart Wool. This is the doll that the above quilt belongs to.

Day 15: Here in Northern Delaware, the attrition rate of African American boys in middle school is 60%. In other words, 6 in 10 African American boys don't make it past 8th grade. That is so incredibly sad.

I heard this today on an NPR rebroadcast - it was about a small Catholic charter school that took these boys and put them through a rigorous program - 10 hours of school a day, mandatory summer school, etc. - and once completed, they are all getting accepted on scholarship to the prestigious private schools in this area.


candsmom said...

Your Veste Everest looks fantastic on you! What a great fit! I love the quilt that your aunt sewed- such beautiful work. I'm really hoping to get back into sewing with Project Spectrum. I used to really enjoy it, but somehow, knitting has monopolized all my attention as of late. ;-) Your Dulaan hat is very cute! I love the red variations. Take care, Jo! :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

6 out of 10? Wow.

Your Veste Everest looks great! That second picture really shows off the cabling. Willow is not only a budding ar-teest but a photographer as well!

I found another brand of flaxseed tortilla chip at my local grocery store. A bit more pricey, but found nonetheless!

Jaimes said...

Looks Awesome Jo, I think your little sister needs one too. Love Jaimes

Jo said...

Which one, Jaime? The vest or the hat?!!?

tara said...

what is project spectrum? Willow's doll looks like the one I remember you having.

ter-bear said...

Very Nicely done, Joey - Go, Team Canada!!!

This is a question for turtlegirl76 - could you please let me know the name brand of the flaxseed tortilla chips? Those are just so yummy! And good for you too!

MOM said...

Time for mom to get in the act too. I am very proud of your first attempt at finishing a cabled sweater....I never did finish my first try - it was a mess!
Love & Hugs

aija said...

Great vest! And I think your 1st pic with the thumb is cute, too :)