Sunday, March 26, 2006

Red and Delicious (and we aren't talking apples!)

Don't these look yummy? I love cherries! My absolute favourites are the Bing cherries - the ones that are so dark red they look blackish-purple? The kind that will stain everything if you give them half a chance? Unfortunately, I no longer live in an area that produces cherries, so I have to pay exhorbitant prices even when they are in season.

Day 26: Michigan considers itself to be the cherry capital of the world and has a cherry festival every year.

I think I will have to go to Michigan some day - a whole island full of lilacs (Macinac Island) and a cherry festival? I'm there! Add in a fiber festival and I'll just pack up the U-Haul and move.

I've been working diligently on Jaime's baby present - but I hate knitting under pressure - and as much as I loved the ideals of the Knitting Olympics, my home was not a terribly happy place while it was going on.


tara said...

We just bought a dwarf bing cherry tree yesterday. hopefully the birds wont eat all them before we get to try them.

Anonymous said...

I am also fanatical about cherries - we won't get them in the shops here for ages, at least, not in season. I would love to have a cherry tree myself one day.....ah, it's nice to have a dream. Am starting to worry that your second parcel has gone astray, in my experience, parcels take ten days and any that take longer than that never surface at all....hope I am wrong in this prediction - sending you best wishes for the week, your KnittySP6xxx

Jo said...

Sp -

Don't worry yet - the package is being sent to my office - and once it gets to the complex, it takes another day or two to get to me (5000+ people work here).


Jae said...

I've been to the lilac festival on the island (in June if I recall correctly). There is a lot of color, noise, and fun.

There is also a fiber festival in August held in Allegan County, though I have never been.

And I'm sure that somewhere in the state there is a cherry festival too. :)

Anonymous said...

hi jo,
we haven't met, but as someone who used to live in Michigan, I can say that the cherries are quite spectacular. you should talk andrew into a day trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms on the Potomac...when they're in bloom, they're fabulous.
oh, also, you might find this place cool.....