Sunday, March 19, 2006

Incipiently Spring

Look what I found today!

I was driving around looking at houses and neighbourhoods this afternoon and I found a cherry tree in blossom! This completely made my day - now if the temps could bust their way out of the 40's, I would be drunk on my own bliss.

At my in-laws garden I found purple crocuses and some impatiens impatiently coming up behind them...

Some miniature daffodils...

The first aspargus bud of the season! I had to enlarge the pic and toss in the blue arrow to pinpoint the bud - it is the little purple thing poking up:

And one of my favourite foods to bake with... rhubarb!

I haven't taken any pics of the vegetable garden proper yet, but my mother-in-law planted her broccoli and cauliflower in the garden this week.

Day 19: Streusel translates as 'sprinkles' from German.

When I used to live on Vancouver Island, there was a muffin shop called something like MMMMMmmuffins, and they had these amazing cake-y streusel muffins. I can't believe it - my mouth is watering just at the memory. I am so deprived.


tara said...

I have never seen asparagus growing. Neat. I gave up a huge rhubarb plant from our last house. I tried to dig it up to bring with me but was too big. I have ordered new ones but ownt be able to pick for a year or so. sigh

candsmom said...

Oh, those cherry blossoms are exquisite!! Thank you so much for that pic. And your garden pics are amazing, too! Apparently impatiens is an aptly named species. ;-) The asparagus and rhubarb look delicious- I love strawberry rhubarb pie! I have to tell you that I laughed out loud when I read your comment earlier today! Yes, I'm Swedish chef eccentric, but not downright crazy to wallpaper my kids' rooms in a scribbled crayon motif, LOL! You're so funny! Take care, Jo! :-)

Jae said...

The cherry blossoms are just beautiful! My rhubarb hasn't started yet. Nor have my tulips, though I expect them any time now.