Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hairy Crustaceans and Growing Girls

Well... maybe she is bigger than I thought...

I had her model my child's raglan sweater so I could put a picture in the blog - expecting her to be swimming in it. And, as you can see, it just ain't so. She can't even dog-paddle in it.

Oh well - it will still go into the Dulaan pile as planned - but for the completely opposite reason that I was envisioning! The yarn is an el cheapo acrylic humungous ball I bought in Canada last year - really - I don't even know if I even paid $5 CDN for the 1 pound ball. I just liked the brightness of the colours.

Oh... and please don't look at the disheveled bookshelf behind her. All I can really say is we haven't caught up on the housework since I was sick.

Day 8: French divers have found a hairy blond lobster. I kid you not.

I understand why it is furry - the creature is blind, so I am sure the hair acts as 'feelers' for it to find its way around... but still... very odd.


tara said...

I heard about that lobster. They just discovered a bunch of other new species. Just when the world thought that they had found everything.

ter-bear said...

Jo, if you didn't mention the bookcase - I wouldn't have noticed!