Monday, March 06, 2006

Cisterns and Knitting

Day 6: There are huge underground cisterns (huge rooms that once held water from Roman aqueducts) beneath Istanbul. Modern-day Istanbul was built on top of these cisterns and it looks like there are massive temples underneath the city.

You can see some pics here:

Scroll down a bit on the above page and click on the different pictures. Apparently when the Ottomans took over Constinanople and renamed it Istanbul, they didn't have much use for the cisterns as they preferred running water and thought the still water in the cisterns to be unclean. They sat unused and undiscovered until the mid-16th century.

And I do have some knitting content ;) I am about 80% finished a raglan sweater that will most likely be for the Dulaan pile as I think it would be 2 years away from fitting Willow. I divested myself of about 35 skeins of different yarns and mailed them to my mother - she will be happy to receive them and this leaves me with less to pack in a few months.

I'm seriously considering being a latecomer to Lolly's ( ) Project Spectrum. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something red and pink by the end of the month - but I am intrigued. It would be cheating a bit to pass off this raglan sweater as my monthly project - although there is a lot of red and pink in it (as well as orange and yellow). I just want to be included - now that the Olympics are over I've lost that sense of companionship and camaraderie and want it back.


tara said...

packing in a few months? are you visiting your parents? I am too. maybe we can meet if there at the same time. i saw a tv report about those cisterns. amazing.

ter-bear said...

My friend Amy in Ontario has a cistern in her house! It collects the rain water to be used for the washing machine etc - it's not nearly as magnificient as the ones in Istanbul though...

Hey! What about me? Yarn for me??!!