Saturday, March 25, 2006

Polar Bears Before and After

Day 25: Polar bears only weigh about one pound when born, and grow to be between 1000 - 1600 pounds at adulthood.

I'm really liking the Reynolds oven bags and foil bags - two weekends in a row now I have attempted roasts (pork last week and beef tonight) and they both turned out wonderfully. I had tried cooking them the more conventional ways before to little success. And tomorrow - roast beef sandwiches! I'll have to go buy dill pickles... I am very particular about my roast beef sandwiches.

Chris - I hope things are okay for you out in Hawaii - I heard you guys were in for a huge rainstorm... don't float away!

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candsmom said...

Thanks so much for your concern, Jo! Actually, we had about 24 hours of beautiful blue skies between Friday and Saturday, only to give way to thunderstorms and flash flooding last night and today. We live in an area that's relatively higher in elevation, so we're okay, but there are lots of people on the Windward side who are being flooded out right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that our quintessential Hawaii weather returns soon! Thanks for the info on the Reynold oven bags. I love to make roasts and hadn't heard what anyone thought about those bags. I'll give them a try! Take care! :-)