Sunday, November 13, 2011

39 Things About Me On My 39th Birthday

1. My favourite pizza has bacon, pineapple, mushrooms, onions, and extra cheese.

2. I have been knitting for 10 years now.

3. The older I get, the more ambivalent I get about cooking.

4. I would rather bake.

5. I fear we will never get a dog because Andrew and I will never agree on the size of the dog.

6. For a Canadian who has only lived in the US for 13 years, I've been to 30 states.

7. I make a mean mojito - I've even had a Cuban tell me so.

8. My eyes are changing colour as I get older - lighter and a greener/hazel.


People used to say my eyes matched the red-brown of my hair.

9. I have better than perfect vision - 20/10, but if I'm tired, I can't focus my eyes and then have to wear glasses.

10. There are only 3 authors I buy in hardcover right now: Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, and S.M. Stirling.

11. My feet have grown a half size with each child.

12. I would rather watch documentaries than network television.

13. I believe in ghosts.

14. The only thing I can successfully grow in the garden are little tomatoes - cherry and grape.

15. I'm a pen whore.

16. I don't wear make up unless my picture will be taken.

17. I have subscriptions to many magazines (National Geographic, Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Creative Knitting, Canadian Living, Taste of Home...) and most of them were gifts to me.

18. I read magazines while I exercise because I can't just walk/run/cycle with only my MP3 player.

19. A few years ago I read more than 100 books in that year... and yet I have more unread books than read ones in my house.

20. I love riding my bicycle, but seldom have the opportunity to do so.

21. I never thought I would love knitting socks as much as I do.

22. I love listening to covers - sometimes an interpretation is much better than the original.

23. I like wearing aprons when I am preparing food.

24. I put peanut butter and brown sugar in my steel cut oatmeal.

25. My kids crack me up.

26. I'm not a pleasant person in the morning before my first cup of coffee.

27. I drink Starbucks' Yukon Blend every morning.

28. I have more stitches on my head than anywhere else on my body.

29. I'm allergic to real Christmas trees, so we have a pre-lit artificial one.

30. I wish I played a musical instrument - I took piano and violin lessons as a child, but none of them took.

31. I love mint-scented bath products.

32. I love road trips.

33. I'm horrible at Monopoly - I lose interest very quickly.

34. I want to go rock-hunting for semi-precious stones.

35. I love being snowed in (as long as I'm prepared for it!).

36. I want to live near the shore - but only in the off-season.

37. I could eat grilled cheese sandwiches every day.

38. My hair looks like the Bride of Frankenstein's in the morning.

39. I like odd-numbered years better than even, so I'm happy to turn 39.


Discoknits said...

Happy Birthday Jo :0)
Did you watch the recent Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition? Fascinating. (I watched it with a glass of wine, of course!).

tara said...

Happy Birthday lovely!
Great list

mom said...

Happy Birthday first born!!!
Love & Hugs

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!! My feet grew with my kids too along with my belly!! I hope you have a great day!! I am still meaning to send Piper the sweater that your mom knitted!

deknit said...

Happy Birthday!

Shan said...

Happy Birthday Jo!

Zonda said...

Happy Birthday Jo!! we have a few similiar things :)