Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeding Piper

Spaghetti Piper

Piper eating dinner tonight

Feeding Piper is an interesting experience.  She's not quite 10 months old, but has categorically refused any baby purees for the last month.  She wants what you are eating, plain and simple.  And don't even think about coming near her with a spoon - she will knock it out of your hands lickety-split.  She doesn't care if you are eating spicy food - I've had her screaming at me as I quickly scraped the sauce off our salsa chicken, and then watched in amazement as she stuffed it in her mouth with two hands.  It gets to be a bit of a challenge at times because not everything we eat is baby-friendly.  Not counting Piper nursing or having a bottle, this is Piper's menu today:

* Apple Strawberry Puffs
* Pancake (with butter and a tiny bit of syrup)
* Teething Biscuit

* Cheddar Cheese Cubes
* Ritz Crackers
* Banana Slices
* Cooked Baby Carrots
* Leftover Turkey

* Mini Penne with Meat Sauce
* Cooked Broccoli

Add in the fact that she has been eating Cheerios all day - oh my - at this point I think we should buy stock in General Mills!  She positively bounces as soon as she sees the yellow box.  It's funny because I think Cheerios are awfully blah - Andrew thinks it is the texture she likes.  Willow was just eating a 100 calorie snack bag of Doritos and Piper just freaked out because we wouldn't give her any.

Some foods Piper likes: salmon, barbeque chicken, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, stuffing, cheese, beets, asparagus, broccoli, butternut squash, Gerber Baby Cheesies, Cheerios, scrambled  eggs, yogurt, bananas, shredded meats (i.e., salsa chicken, pork chops from crockpot, pot roast, etc.)

Some foods Piper does not like: green beans, cauliflower, sugar cookies (not sure what was up with that - she wanted nothing to do with the sugar cookie)

Does anyone have any ideas of more foods I can introduce to Piper?  When we went to her 9 month appointment a few weeks ago, I was cautioned against giving her fish, shellfish, peanut butter, eggs, etc. until she hit 2 years old.  Well, scratch that - she has already had salmon and scrambled eggs multiple times, so I am not going to stop now.  I don't think she has a nut allergy because we eat peanut butter and nuts in this house all the time and she hasn't shown any reaction.  I would love suggestions for family meals so I don't have to prepare something separate for Piper.


Mel R said...

Thinking WAY back, B loved mac 'n cheese and ravioli at that stage. Nothing has changed in that regard. LOL I never worried about the peanut butter thing, personally, so we did that from the start with pbj's.

kingshearte said...

I'm no baby expert, but it seems to me that if she seems to like pretty much whatever you're eating, "baby-friendly" or otherwise, then you might as well just make what you want to eat, and give her some too. I seem to recall this strategy turning the offspring of a friend of mine into one of the most open and adventurous eaters I know.

Just maybe when you're trying something new with her, be prepared with something simple you know she likes in case you have to whip up an alternative quickly.

KnitOnePugTwo said...

I have my husband pull some of what we are eating before salting, so bewitched eats lamb, broccoli, asparagus, all types of hard cheese from gouda to gruyere. Kid even liked my zucchini fritter fried in duck fat!
Cheese is tops on her list, though.

kemtee said...

HSH was like Piper is now. (In fact, I have a similar pasta-faced photo of my own.) You're doing it right. If she wants it, give it to her. By 13 months, HSH ate spicy Mexican (platesful of frijoles, much to my dad's amusement), pasta, steak, seafood (fish, clams, shrimp AND crab), my MIL's wicked hot 15-bean soup (and proceeded to toot herself across the room afterward), and venison, among other things.

Today, she still eats anything and everything. Her more sheltered, limited-to-chicken-nuggets cousins? As little as possible.