Friday, November 04, 2011

Unfinished Business

Do you ever have that dream - that anxiety-ridden dream - where you have a test to take and you know you haven't studied, or gone to any of the classes.  Or another variation where it is the first day of school but you don't have your schedule and you don't know where any of your classes are?

I don't have those dreams so much anymore.  Perhaps I have come to the 'I really don't care' part, or perhaps my subconscious trusts that I wouldn't do anything like that (anymore).  But I do frequently dream about things left undone in Japan.

Cosmo 001

Me, circa Autumn 1997 in a cosmos field in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Andrew and I lived in Japan for three years.  It was a heady time for us - newly adult, I suppose. We met in Japan, both having just graduated from university on the (ahem) five-year plan.  We were teaching English at an eikawa (English Conversation School), and we had a blast.  This was pre-law school, pre-children, pre-mortgage... We traveled, we learned the customs and language, and made wonderful life-long friends. We drank a lot of Japanese beer from vending machines. So, I am not sure why I have this recurring dream that something is unfinished.  In my dreams I have to go back to Japan for some reason, but it never is clear what that reason is.  I'm fretting because we have to bring the kids there as well and I am not sure how we are going to have them go to school.  I go back to my school in Katsutadai, but no one knows who I am.  It's all very curious.  I would love to travel back there one day to visit friends and see more of the country - there may have to be a lottery win at some point for that to happen

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